In Southern Pyrenees you’ll find the best cycling tours. Two different 4-day tours riding through the Aragonese Pyrenees from east to west. Prepirenaica Slow will satisfy leisure bikers as they discover the Southern side of the range riding on quiet unpaved roads and trails. Prepirenaica All Mountain gets into deep valleys going by a series of beautiful and technical trails that will delight those experienced riders searching for adventure. What’s your choice to enjoy Prepyr?

Prepirenaica Slow

Prepyr Slow is a self-guided MTB tour going through the Aragonese Southern Pyrenees. It has been designed for leisure bikers travelling with saddlebags as it includes a series of beautiful local roads where riding in a relaxed way will let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this privileged land.

Prepyr Slow will let you discover the natural and cultural wonders of Southern Pyrenees on a journey through Sierra de Guara, Reino de los Mallos and Sierra de Santo Domingo ranges passing by a series of monumental medieval villages of great beauty. What are you waiting for? Experience Prepyr Slow!


Prepirenaica All Mountain

Are you searching for adventure? Prepyr All Mountain has been designed for those experienced riders searching for beautiful and technical trails leading to some of the most spectacular spots of Southern Pyrenees.  Prepyr All Mountain tour will lead you to the most remote and wild areas of the Aragonese Southern Pyrenees through a series of challenging trails that will for sure delight you. Come to experience Prepyr All Mountain challenge and discover the natural and cultural wonders of this land on a wonderful journey through uninhabited valleys and ancient trails. Are you ready? Ready, Set, Go!



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