It is an activity that takes place in an environmentally friendly adventure park where you are the star. You will enjoy our high rope adventure courses among the trees from where you will ride on zip lines and overcome obstacles—guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

In addition to the excitement of overcoming the obstacles of the races and going through the adventure course above the trees or between them, you will also able to see the world from another perspective, which makes this sport an all-around adventure.

You will climb, scale, jump and test your own limits. But the greatest thing about it is that you’ll have fun with your family, friends and the other participants. You’ll never forget that incomparable feeling as you quickly slide down the zip lines.

Who can enjoy canopy walking?

Treetop walking has different levels in order to adapt to the participants’ needs.

It is suitable for all ages and children as young as 4 years of age can also do it under the supervision of an adult. There are no limitations whatsoever for adults.

Prepyr has possibly one of the best adventure courses in the world, thanks to its location in the “Reino de los Mallos” (Kingdom of Mallos), Mallos de Riglos and Mallos de Agüero. Give it a go! Come and enjoy our adventure course, ride its zip lines and most of all, smile and be happy in your free time! You’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Any adult or child aged 4 years and above can come and enjoy this activity with us (please consult).

When can it be done? Treetop walking can be done any time of the year, although it would depend on the weather. Please consult with us.


Verticalia Aventura

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