The descent into ravines, whether dry or wet, is a sports activity that you can enjoy practically all year round and in full contact with nature.

Nature and water offer you the chance to walk along the riverbed carved out of the rock. A trip to the heart of the mountain that will show you breathtaking spots.

Moderately technical descents that can be enjoyed by children and adults with more or less experience alike; the Pre-Pyrenees in Huesca offer the widest range of descents for all audiences.

A whole new adventure awaits you, in spring or summer, with wet canyoning. The movements of crystal-clear water will present you with challenges such as passing siphons, waterfalls, descending waterfalls with ropes, water slides or overhangs. This is an undoubtedly exciting activity that, during autumn and winter—already without water—, will give you access to magical places, where the rocks and vegetation will be the centre of attention.

On our website, PREPYR365—through the associated companies—, we show you the most spectacular descents, with recommendations for your enjoyment and safety, such as getting information beforehand, using the recommended technical safety equipment to progress through the terrain, as well as engaging the services of a professional guide if you are not familiar with the area or do not have the necessary technical training. This would undoubtedly be the best way to experience an unforgettable adventure. Canyoning with PREPYR 365!


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