White waters are the perfect place to engage in highly enjoyable sports such as rafting, kayaking or hydrospeed. All of them share the fun and excitement created by the waves and small waterfalls that you’ll find in your path. Fun activities where no previous experience is required.

Among them, rafting is the most popular as it is done as a group and requires no special skills. It consists in descending a river while on a raft with other people. While the group rows the raft downriver, waves continually splash the raft while the guide steers it. Many surprises await you on the ride!

Hydrospeed is an activity that is done individually, while accompanied by an expert guide. Each participant descends the river while on a special hydro sled, while wearing fins and a protective suit. The proximity to the water and the dependence on one’s own abilities make it so much more exciting. This is done in a part of the river that is different from that for rafting.

If you want to learn how to handle yourself and to enjoy the river independently, there are kayak courses that will teach you how to operate a boat on your own. There are different options designed for people who have never tried sailing on the river as well as for experts, intensive courses, private lessons, BEGINNERS’ courses and for experts. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have!


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