The Pre-Pyrenees is a spectacular area where you can engage in all kinds of adventure sports—a veritable paradise where you can practice active tourism 365 days of the year. All activities are available at different levels, suited to all kinds of people and ages.  Discover the wide range of activities that you can do here!

White waters

Do you like adventure activities such as rafting and rough waters? Prepyr makes it easy for you. Discover the feeling of going downriver as you have loads of fun with your family and friends.


Canopy walking

Choose canopy walking and enjoy a multi-adventure activity in a high rope adventure course. It is an activity that is suitable for all audiences and ages.



Discover the heart of the mountain by descending down to its waterways, whether dry or wet, carved out of the rock. A thrilling adventure that you can enjoy with friends or with your family.


Vía Ferrata & rock climbing

Feel the height and verticality of the rock walls first hand. Progress with the strength of your own body safely and experience the feeling of climbing the mountain in the most direct way possible.


Calm waters & Kayaking

Do you like nature and the riverside landscape? Here are some simple water activities that you can do to enjoy nature.


Bungee jumping

Jump into thin air and soar like a bird. Feel the adrenaline rush and bask in the feeling of complete freedom as you’ve never felt it before. Enjoy how a controlled free fall feels like, which will surely bring a smile to your lips!

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