Southern Pyrenees are located in Northern Aragón including Cinco Villas (Zaragoza), Hoya de Huesca (Huesca) and Somontano de Barbastro (Huesca) regions. The heart of this privileged area is located 30km south from Pyrenees and 80km north from Ebro River. The nearest cities are Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), Huesca y Barbastro (Huesca), all located in the southern side of the range, are well connected by road. Zaragoza, in the south, is the main airport in the area. In Southern Pyrenees there are several smaller towns of medieval origins, connected by a series of beautiful scenic roads with little traffic. Sos del Rey Católico, Uncastillo, Luesia, Biel, Murillo de Gállego, Ayerbe, Bolea, Arguis, Nocito, Bierge, Abiego and specially Alquézar stand out. Cómo llegar


There are many different possibilities of getting into the wide Prepyr365 area:

North - East (From Basque Country and Navarra)

Access from A21 highway from Pamplona. For getting into Cinco Villas region you must leave the highway in Sangüesa taking A-127 road to Sos del Rey Católico. For getting into Reino de los Mallos you must take A-132 road in Puente la Reina de Jaca heading towards Murillo de Gállego and Ayerbe. When going to Huesca, Sierra de Guara and Somontano de Barbastro (CAMBIAR TAMBIÉN EN WEB por SOMONTANO DE BARBASTRO) take N-240 road to Jaca and A-23 to Huesca.

North (From France)

Main access from France are Somport and Portalet cols as well as Bielsa and Vielha tunnels. They are all connected by N-260 road from Pont de Suert to Sabiñánigo and N-330 from Sabiñanigo to Somport. From N-260 it is possible to get into Somontano de Barbastro by A-139 road (from Campo) and A-138 (from Aínsa). For getting into Northen Sierra de Guara take A-2205 or A-1604 from Boltaña. For getting into Hoya de Huesca region take A-23 (from Sabiñánigo) or A-132 (from Puente la Reina de Jaca). You can reach Cinco Villas region from Huesca, Ayerbe and also heading from Jaca to Pamplona, before taking A-127 or A-1601 to Sos del Rey Católico.

East (From Cataluña)

Main access from Cataluña is A-22 road from Lérida to Barbastro/Huesca, a road connected to the net of local roads leading to the different Prepyr365 destinations. When going from Huesca to Cinco Villas, the shortest way is through Ayerbe and Biel, by a secondary curved road.

South (From Madrid and rest of Spain)

Main access is A-23 going from Zaragoza to Huesca. From Huesca, you can take A-132 road to Riglos (Reino de los Mallos), A-23 to Arguis and Northern Sierra de Guara and A-22 to Southern Sierra de Guara (Somontano de Barbastro). The best option to get into Cinco Villas region is taking AP-68 from Zaragoza to Logroño leaving the highway in the towns of Alagón or Gallur and heading to Ejea de los Caballeros by A-127 road.

By Plane

Zaragoza is the main airport in the area (90 km), although it has a little amount of flights. Main companies in the airport are Ryanair, Air europa, Iberia, Volotea and Vueling. You can also fly to Barcelona (250km) and Reus (180km) airports.

By train

Huesca is wel-connected to Zaragoza, Madrid and many other cities by AVE and TALGO trains. From Huesca, a railway heads towards Southern Pyrenees passing by Ayerbe, Riglos and La Peña every day. It is called Zaragoza - Canfranc.

By bus

Huesca and Barbastro are well connected with Northern Spain main cities. Bus companies are Alosa ( and Alsa ( In Cinco Villas region, a company called Autobuses Cinco Villas connects Zaragoza to Sos del Rey Católico, Uncastillo and Luesia. In Hoya de Huesca there are a couple of daily buses going to Ayerbe, Murillo de Gállego, Bolea, Loarre, Nueno, Arguis and Aguas ( In Somontano de Barbastro there are daily buses going from Barbastro to Alquézar and Bierge. Public transport in Southern Pyrenees is limited, being non-existent in the Northern side of the range.
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