Prepirenaica Slow is a leisure self-guided tour especially designed to be done with friends and family.

You have accommodation, qualified guides and all kinds of services to make your trip comfortable.

It is possibe to do it cycling with saddlebags, gravel bikes and e-bikes. You decide the limits!

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Prepirenaica Slow is a 4-stage self-guided MTB route. A GPS device is needed to follow the track. Please, remember to take with you a second battery.

It’s always important to take with you the printed map&fact sheet of every stage, as well as additional cartography (digital or printed).

Main crossroads and important waypoints are marked on the track. If during the tour you find not described detours, you must follow the main road/path. Keep in mind the possibility of small discrepancies between track distances and those measured by your own computer.

It’s essential to book your trip or accommodation in advance to ensure its availability. The end of every stage is in a small village with few services, so prior appointment is a must.

Terrain is mostly local paved roads and dirt/gravel roads in good condition.  There is often an alternative paved road avoiding gravel and dirt roads.  Remember to study the cartography in detail before taking a decision.

Please, start the stages early in the morning to avoid unexpected delays due to losses or breakdowns.

On every stage bikers must be food&drink self-reliant. Some of the villages on the way have a bar, but it is important to always carry enough food and water.

Mountain bikes are recommended in the Slow Tour because there are plenty of unpaved roads, some of them covered with small rocks. Bikepacking gear can be carried safely. Is recommended to wear all terrain tyres on hybrid bikes, otherwise it’s better to search for alternative ways by road avoiding the unpaved gravel/dirt roads.

Helmet is mandatory for all bikers. Is recommended to take with you lights and reflective vest/clothes in case of scarce sunlight on road sections.

Helmet is needed for all bikers.

Accident/travel insurance (like cyclist federative insurances) is recommended.

Many places on the route don’t have internet or telephone coverage. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with full battery and to inform about your planed route to the managers of the accommodation where you are expected to end the stage. Remember: 112 is the emergency number in Spain.

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The tour begins in the town of Bierge heading towards the splendid Virgen del Viñedo Hermitage. Today it’s gonna be a great day as you’ll enjoy the wonderful rock formations of Tozal de Guara and Vadiello.

In the second stage, from Castilsabás to Loarre, we can enjoy unique spots like San Martin de la Val D'Onsera Hermitage as well as the overwhelming conglomerate walls of Salto de Roldán. We’ll ride on the top of Guara, Caballera and Loarre ranges before ending the stage in the amazing Loarre Castle, one of the best-preserved Romanesque castles in Europe.

On the third stage we will pass under the giant conglomerate walls of Mallos de Riglos, Peña Rueba and Mallos de Agüero. Stunning rocky landscapes that we’ll visit before entering the pine forests of the Sierra de Santo Domingo heading towards the medieval village of Biel.

On the last stage we depart from Biel, from where we will reach Pozo Pígalo waterfall and the ancient Torres de Sibirana. We can choose between ending the tour in Sos del Rey Católico or Uncastillo, two splendid medieval villages where you’ll discover the ancient heritage of this land.

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