The Orchid Garden. Pozán de Vero – Castillazuelo

The route starts at the designated picnic area next to the municipal swimming pool of Pozán de Vero and finishes at the carpark next to the sports ground in the village of Castillazuelo. Both instalations have drinking fountains.

The route signposted as the "Ruta de los Azudes" (Route of the Weirs), leads us upstream on the left bank of the Vero river up to a small weir just below the aqueduct of the “Canal del Cinca” (Cinca Canal), over the “Río Vero” (Vero River).

It then doubles back along the same path to the medieval bridge. We cross the bridge and continue parallel to the river on the right bank, crossing an area of vegetable patches at the bottom of the valley. Along this stretch we can see vegetable garden species and colonising plant species on the verges of the path. These include both wasteland plants that benefit from the moisture to be found in the ditches (brambles, hawthorn, fennel, mallow, reeds etc.) as well as field plants such as common wild oat, poppies etc.

This path leads us to the “Salto de Pozán” (Pozán Weir), distinguished by a high waterfall and deep pool at its base, eroded out of the sandstone canyon by the River Vero, which forms various small pools and waterfalls along the way. We carry on the path towards Castillazuelo to the “Puente-Acueducto” (Bridge-Aqueduct) over the Vero, after which we continue on the left bank, through the riparian forest (poplars, willows, ash and elm) until we get to the village of Castillazuelo.

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Zampullín común
Orquídea perdiz
Orquídea Espejo
Martín Pescador
Río Vero a su paso por Castillazuelo
Canal de Castillazuelo
Salto de Pozán
Type of itinerary: One-way trail
Estimated time: 3,5
Distance: 4,8 km
Elevation: 47 m
Physical difficulty: Low
Technical difficulty: Low
Linear route that, following the river Vero, connects the towns of Pozán de Vero and Castillazuelo, through a route of 4.8 km and a maximum difference of 47 m.
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