10 different stages to discover a wide variety of landscapes such as deep canyons, huge cliffs, lowlands, ridges, alpine meadows and forests. Easy & demanding sections where we can ride fast and being forced to get off the horse. Every single stage has been especially designed for horse riding also focusing on giving you the chance to enjoy the ancient heritage of this land.

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Each stage has been designed by our horse riding experts team. Here you'll find horse riding clubs as well as other kinds of accommodation where you and your horse will receive a warm welcome.

All stages have fountains, ravines and spots where horses can rest and drink as much as they need. 

Anyway, you must understand that some of the stages cross mountain ranges and passes and some of the areas are uninhabited. Self-sufficiency is essential. You must carry enough food and water to end the stage.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have updated & live information about the trails/services. Contact us if you need any advice to plan the tour according to your needs.

Services as accommodation / restaurants / guides among others can be found on the website. Look at the bottom of every stage webpage ands check our services section.

If you have any doubts, contact us on asociacion@prepyr365.com and you'll get in touch with our experts team. We can also help you organize your trip including accommodation, luggage transfers and guiding.

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