Do you want to discover the real secrets of nature through hiking? That's what we propose with Senderos de Leyenda (Legend Trails), a selection of the best trails in the region of the Cinco Villas, in which, through the materials we provide on each route, you´ll enjoy a self-guided walk with your family, with your partner or with friends, in which we will tell you all those curiosities that are next to the trails and that often go unnoticed before our eyes.


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These are low or medium difficulty hiking routes, many of which are recommended for families (children from 5 to 10 years old) and others of medium difficulty for children and teenagers (10 - 15 years old).

We recomend you to download the track and the digital file that you will find in each of the routes. In this way you will know which are the stops we propose and the story we want to tell you at that point.

Many of these routes are located in mountain areas where there may be no fountains along the route, so it is necessary to bring water, enough food to do the route and of course a mobile phone to warn in case of any kind of accident.

It is also important to select the type of route and the time of year. There are routes that are not recommended in the summer months because they are in areas with high sunshine and high temperatures. Others, however, such as the routes in the Sierra de Santo Domingo, can be done in summer but are not recommended in winter because of the low temperatures or even snow.

Therefore before making your route, consult the weather and if you have any questions about the suitability of the route, please write to asociacion@prepyr365.com and we will be happy to answer your questions

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Senderos de Leyenda (Legend Trails)  is the best trails selection in the Cinco Villas region (within Prepyr territory) where not only you enjoy walking, but also learn more about the secrets of nature, popular stories, traditional life of our ancestors or a lot of curious facts that will make you live a legendary journey.

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