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C/ Parque 36, 2A Huesca (Huesca)
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INIZIA TURISMO is a cycling oriented tourism agency based in Huesca. We organise taylor-made bike tours in Pyrenees and Southern Pyrenees. 

We love MTB, Road cycling and Touring. We have a vast knowledge of both Pyrenees and Southern Pyrenees, our playground. As consultants, we've developed important cycling projects like:

- Trail design of B-GUARA Cycling Center (Southern Pyrenees)

- Design and promotion of PURO PIRINEO MTB Center (Pyrenees)

- Trail design and building for BTT ZONA ZERO MTB Center (Pyrenees)

- TRANS-NOMAD powered by FOX

- Spanish Enduro Open BIG RIDE PURO PIRINEO


- We organize taylor-made cycling tours in Pyrenees and Southern Pyrenees.

- MTB, road cycling and touring. 

- We offer an international guiding service. Certified guides. 

- We include the best services adapted to your needs.

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