Southern Pyrenees is a series of mountain ranges separating Pyrenees and Ebro River Valley. From east to west, its names are Sierra de Guara (2.077 m), Sierra de Gratal (1.581 m), Sierra Caballera (1.563 m), Sierra de Loarre (1.597 m) and Sierra de Santo Domingo (1.520 m).

Sierra y los Cañones de Guara Natural Park is the wild kingdom of limestone rocks, deep gorges and stunning mountains. A wide area including Somontano de Barbastro and Hoya de Huesca regions where you'll discover a wide variety of landscapes and species.

Between Santo Domingo and Loarre ranges, Gállego River goes through Reino de los Mallos (The kingdom of the overwhelming Mallos de Riglos), one of the highlights of the area, popular due to its stunning conglomerate walls and the outdoor activites taking place in the surroundings of Gállego River.

Sierra de Santo domingo is a quiet and isolated area declared Paisaje Protegido (protected land) where you'll discover a wide variety of species.

There is a big difference between Northern and Southern sides of the different ranges as happening in the Pyrenees. Northern side is characterized by fresh and humid conditions where Southern side enjoys Mediterranean weather. Those differences make possible to find a wide variety of species living in Southern Pyrenees, specially birds.


In eastern Sierra de Guara is located Río Vero Cultural Park, where standing out pre-historic paintings have been declared UNESCO World Heritage site. In Sierra de Guara we also find a series of ancient Dolmens like Losa Mora, Belsué and Ibirque.

One of the most appealing features of Southern Pyrenees are its medieval origins visible on Loarre Castle, Colegiata de Alquézar, Santa María de Uncastillo Church and Agüero churches. In almost every town we'll find a medieval chapel or hermitage.

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