Alquézar the irregular, the adventurous, the beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Aragón. The charm of Alquézar lies in the irregularity of its layout, its construction method and its colour. Alquézar is like a siren. When you see her, you are lost. You can not do anything but love her.

How do you play?

We’re going to give you some clues so you can find the treasure. They are spread throughout the city, and you need to get them in the correct order. Remember to bring paper and pen. When you have them all, you will have the key to unlocking the location of the gold coins. At the bottom of the page, you have access to the treasure. You have to enter the clue numbers in the correct order: the first number of the first clue, the second number of the second clue, and so on.

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You have arrived at Alquézar. And the first thing we propose is that you leave the car and approach this sculpture, the Smile of the Wind. Through it, you can see the city you are about to discover.

Alquézar la Mora, a completely medieval city, with its winding streets and its façades, all different but forming a harmonious whole; an amalgamation of materials, colours, shapes and sizes that together form a beautiful backdrop. One of the most beautiful and charming villages in Aragón, and in Spain.

Are you ready to start?

Treasure location:
One of the first things that attract your attention when you get to Alquézar is its location – At the top of the cliff, with long slopes and divided by a river. Do you know what river it is? How many letters does it have?
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Alquézar was surrounded by a strong wall, and this is one of the entrances to the old city. This arch is round on one side and pointed on the other. After its conquest, the walls were used for something more mundane – to defend its market.

Alquézar was a commercial town with a large marketplace. At night, the doors of the city were closed so that no one could enter or leave, and thus they were able to collect tax from any merchant who wanted to sell his wares.

Amongst the arches, you will discover the Doctor’s house. It is one of the oldest in Alquézar. And on its façade, you can see a shield with a lion, a staff and a pilgrim’s shell. The location of the doctor’s house, right at the entrance to the city, is not accidental. If someone arrived hurt, after being treated the authorities would quickly know whether to allow them entry to the town or not.

Treasure location:
On the wall of the doctor’s house, you will see the name of the street. It is dedicated to one of the most famous inhabitants of Alquézar: Pedro Arnal Cavero. Do you know what he did? Count the letters of his profession.
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The main “plaza” is square in shape and has colonnades. It is a picturesque place, like all of Alquézar. From here, wander through the streets, lose yourself, and above all, take it slowly. Otherwise, you will miss a thousand details that this city hides.

In this square the market of Alquézar took place. Here, they traded local products: oil, salt from Naval, fish, meat and cooking utensils. Merchants came from miles around. A place of business and cultural exchange. In the arcades, people took refuge from the heat and the cold.

If you want to know more about how these products were produced, do not miss this tour: Trades and Traditions

Treasure location:
Alquézar has been Muslim, Christian and also somewhat magical. When you walk through the square, you will see amulets hanging on the lintels – things like wild boar feet or dried plants. They are there to ward off evil spirits and attract fertility to the lands and the farm animals. How many boar’s feet are there? That will be your clue.
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The Alquézar collegiate church was one of the primitive temple-fortresses that were created around the 10th century. It is both a defensive and a religious monument. You can see elements that you will find in Loarre or Sos, like the doors with Muslim defences or the turreted towers.

There are some incredible sights inside, around its cloisters. There the paintings and sculptures will take you back to another century.

Treasure location:
In the cloister of the College, at the top of one of the column chapiters, you will see a female dancer. We only ask you for the number of letters in her name. It is easy. This dancer is biblical, and if you look, they are giving her a head on a silver platter.
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Ravines! In case you had not noticed, we are in a land of adventure and the ravines rule here. We suggest you take this path to the Fountain of Morichingüel, which has been the source of Alquézar’s water supply since time immemorial. The trail is somewhat steep and full of abundant nature that you will love.

At the bottom is a fountain made of ashlar blocks and also the beginning of the famous Walkways of Vero – A journey of an hour and a half, but not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

Treasure location:
When the monumental fountain was built, a cross was engraved on the stone. They hoped it would protect the water from poisoning, tainting and drought. You will also see a shield. It has the year of construction on it. Add up the numbers until there is only one digit left. Save the clue.
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Do you have all the clues?

Unlock the treasure

Remember that you must put all the numbers you have obtained on the tracks in their order according to the web

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