Prepyr +: "Jewels of Prepirineo" and "Prepirineo escondido"

Prepyr +, the new cultural project of Prepyr365, is already underway! The new thematic routes "Jewels of Prepirineo" and "Prepirineo escondido" that are being developed will let you discover the fascinating cultural heritage of this privileged land. Prepyr + project is financed through a LEADER project (U.E funding) and developed by the Local Action Groups […] Read More

New Prepyr365 itineraries!

As we announced a few months ago, important advances have been made in the development of the new Prepyr 365 products for the 2017 season. You' ll soon enjoy them on our website! In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the new nature itineraries that will allow you to enjoy the rich natural heritage […] Read More

Coming soon...

Last weeks we've made important achievements related to the new horse-riding, adventure and nature tourism products coming for 2017. Stay tuned and get the last news in to our social media! Facebook: Twitter: Read More

New Experience: Whispering vultures

Enjoy our new experience "Whispering vultures" and live an unique experience in the mulberry of Santa Cilia de Panzano, where you can observe hundreds of birds feeding, including egyptian vultures and bearded vultures. What are you waiting for? Check out our Organize your trip> Experiences section or click on the following link to get more […] Read More

Prepirenaica Slow MTB.

La travesía por las mejores pistas, caminos y carreteras de la cara sur de nuestro Pre Pirineo reúne todos los ingredientes para hacerla con tu bicicleta y con alforjas: gravel, travel, híbridas, bikepacking...en la modalidad que prefieras, pero disfruta de los mejores paisajes de Somontano Guara, Hoya de Huesca y Cinco Villas y del patrimonio […] Read More

Prepirenaica All Mountain MTB

Are you searching for adventure? Do you want to experience some of the best trails of Southern Pyrenees riding in a wonderful scenery? This is your challenge. Welcome to Prepirenaica All Mountain! A 4-day challenge through the mountains of Sierra de Guara, Reino de los Mallos and Sierra de Santo Domingo. More info at […] Read More